DIY Letterpress

A few snapshots of my latest project, an attempt to create my own letterpress which would not have been remotely possible without the help of Jon and the generous handymen at Rimex.


Pygmy Seahorse

I love the seahorse. I also love the pygmy seahorse. With this photo, the description read: “The pygmy seahorse (Hippocampus bargibanti) evolved its knobby body and rosy color to blend in with gorgonians (sea fans)…”

Gorgonians!? Thats a word? Amazing.

I ended my search for more photos of pygmy seahorses when I stumbled across a video of one giving birth. Kind of gross, but also insane. I won’t post a link to it though, just know that its out there if you’re interested.

Hurry Up and Wait.

A few months back, I came across a book called ‘In Praise of Slowness’ by Carl Honore. I ended up buying it for my Dad for Christmas, which I genuinely do hope he reads, but it was mostly a secret gift for me. I am creating a stationery store for my final project before I graduate. It’s still in the research phase, which is largely focused on defending the relevance of this type of store in a digital world. There is already a list of stationery stores in Vancouver, and I’m aware this is not a new concept. I do know that to help maintain interest on a semester long project, I have to be sold on its concept.

Since I came across Honore’s book I have wondered whether this is going to become a new trend. Maybe it’s already lumped under the same category as ‘Green’ and being enviro-friendly, and now you can understand why I would be attracted to a book with the word ‘slow’ in it. I’d like to think it’s not, and I was excited today when I came across this article.

PLUS: The lovely Mark Weaver did the illustration/image for it! If anyone knows of related links, feel free to enlighten me!

What typeface are you?

From Pentagram.
It turns out I am my current favourite typeface Archer: Hairline. That quite possibly just made my day!

Let the games begin.

Today has not been very productive.
In other words, I have not been very productive today. So here’s to accomplishing something. This is the something.
First blog: awkward.

I used to think blogs were the new ‘hip’ way for those that were inclined to write poems -titled something like ‘Organized Chaos’, or ‘Hear Me Roar’ followed by a list of describing words like ‘ferocious’ -submitted and published in the back of magazines with low editing standards. The same magazines I read and cut images from to make collage covers for high school planners. At least those submissions were contributing to the content I was simply following. You have to start somewhere.