I love books. I love going to the bookstore or to a really good library. I love reading books. I like the smell of books. Design books are my favourite. Children’s books are a close second. Something about the ink and the paper and the glue and whatever other magic they put in there makes me very happy and nostalgic.

Special guest appearance by Rae.

2 Responses to Books

  1. Sharelle says:

    oh buddy – I know how you feel. I think I might have become an English Major just to have an excuse to read books for three years, and look at the pages, and feel them in my hands.

    I just finished a book, and I am starting the process of picking a new one. Ugh.

  2. alexalupul says:

    dude. i knew you liked books but didn’t know you had such a massive collection! I need to come steal some of those from your! (temporarily of course)

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