Oliver Jeffers

Sooo for the last couple years I’ve been following the success of children’s author/illustrator Oliver Jeffers. He’s Irish, haaat*, but most importantly, I think, talented. For $20 a book (hardcover), I look at it as getting a collection of his prints, a good chuckle, and a boat load of inspiration. Plus, a few of his stories involve a penguin, which is my most favorite animal.

To start out with, I suggest Lost and Found, The Great Paper Caper, and The Book Eating Boy. I’m most excited about his latest ‘Up and Down’. Here’s a sample of his illustrations, plus a video version of his book Lost and Found, and a video of him at his studio (where the magic happens).

P.S. I’ve looked into it. His wife is beautiful. Whatever.

***haaat= the best kind of hot. usually in an ‘im from out of town and am probably either Scottish, Irish, or English’ which also usually means ‘im a grade ‘a’ wordsmith, which shines through most when combined with my foreign wit, charm, and dry sense of humor’.

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