My brother, The Reporter

Recently my bro had the opportunity to play alongside some of NHL’s greats. He’s a reporter/ journalist for Kamloops This Week. I grew up watching and listening to him recording and reciting wrestler’s rants from WWF. Looks like it paid off.


Eric the Red

Check out this video of my new friend, Eric! He’s super fun, loves to have a good time with lots of people around him. So much respect for this guy! Filmed and edited by my other friend, the amazingly talented Maclean Carlson from Hello Tomorrow.

New website, more coming soon!

check it out!


South Africa- Jo Borkett

Another gorgeous clothing store I wish I could have afforded to buy something from…


South Africa -Wolves

I didn’t get the chance to visit this quaint little bakery/ cafe, Wolves, but it was too cute not to post. Guess I’ll just have to keep it in my back pocket for next time!

Images courtesy of Angie from Wolves


South Africa- Goodies

Some finds from my latest travels:
Forever New
Bookmark from Mu & Me
Marigold business card and ceramic milk jug
Vintage ‘Sounds’ children’s book
Crochet circle by me


South Africa- Marigold Gift Shop

Adorable gift shop in Cape Town I discovered during my last visit there. I wish I could have bought the whole store. Instead I came away with a handful of treasures, see next post for a glimpse of them! Owned by Stefan and Dagmar

Pictures courtesy of Stacey Burr