Voila: The We Have So Much To Give Show!

I’ll let you in on a little secret. There was a slight delay in printing, and as the show was fast approaching, I decided to hit up Kinko’s for some quickie digital copies. Its like searching for your favorite pair of gym shorts right to the bottom of the lost and found bin. Even if they are still in there, it’s quite likely the sweat and whatever else grows/festers in those bins has discolored/scented them in a way you didn’t think possible. But do you still go for it? YEP! I did. To save on cash moneys, I trimmed the cards myself…enough said. Luckily, Jukebox Printing pulled through slightly ahead of schedule, and Chris and his clever friends came up with some real innovative ways to use the “special” ones.

The show was held in Chris’ backyard, with paintings hung on fences, sketchbooks on the patio table, couches on the grass, and collaborative pieces for every one to join in on. Once I knew the vibe Chris was going for with the show, I stuck with a palette you might have seen on your elementary school pencil case, and a Saul Bass influenced background which I think fits with the show vibe. Chris asked if he could make a huge sign version of the postcards, it turned out so amaWzing, plus it doubled as the guest book!


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